Orlando’s Week

November 12, 2016
Note: The part of Orlando Bishop will be played by Viola Davis.
Monday: Orlando reviews the projections and the electoral map.
Tuesday morning: Orlando casts his vote and imagines watching his wife and daughter celebrating.




Tuesday afternoon: Family’s getting nervous… Orlando preaches calm.

Tuesday night: Now, Orlando gets nervous. “They are not this hateful…”
Tuesday night (later): North Carolina goes red. “Now, she needs a path…?”
Tuesday night (even later): She called him.
Wednesday morning: Orlando wakes up, randomly, at 4am. “Please tell me that was a dream.”
Thursday: Orlando reads comments about how this was not about hate.


Friday: Orlando gets a link to a petition, asking the Electoral College to elect Hillary.







  1. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Pajiba sent me. I think I’ve been living in a state of Wednesday morning and Thursday. Loved this and Viola Davis is everything.

  3. first night of what feels
    like the end of the world
    when they take off their hoods
    the torchlight illuminating their sneers
    daring to invoke
    God and blessing with the same
    tongues that savor hate
    Birth of A Nation reincarnation
    silent black and white
    coming to you now in HD
    they’ve even hijacked
    the word “reality”
    on screen and off it’s all
    bread and circus
    Make America Great Again
    to wit, white, motherfuckers
    it takes a nation of millions
    to hold us back
    the ferocity of my love
    the tactile attention to your
    caramel skin
    a leonine insistence
    on our fleshy reality
    enacting resistance


    loving you, brother. Kim

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